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  • $3000-$4999

I’m Poly, short for Polyana. If you haven’t seen Disney’s classic movie, Pollyanna, I would highly recommend it. Not only because that was the inspiration for my name, but because Pollyanna and I are very similar. Forever optimists, we both live life to the fullest and constantly play the “glad game” when things go, well, “south.”

I was born and raised in Brazil and moved to Minnesota when I was 18, leaving my family behind to study abroad. I got my business degree and found myself working a “dream” corporate job straight out of college. My passion, however, was photography, and 3 years after landing that job I went full time with my business.

I am now an American citizen living the American dream of doing what I love, while meeting the most wonderful people around the world. You think I’m lucky? I’m not, I’m blessed.

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