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  • $2000-$2999
  • A Blend of Styles
  • Husband + Wife Team
  • Re-print Rights
  • Two Photographers
To me photography is more than a hobby. It is more than a passion. Photography to me – is a way of life. I see beautiful moments and images every day; in the way the light from my window wraps around my coffee cup in the morning, or the way the sun back-lights an autumn leaf on a tree or the smile on the face of someone you love.
All moments are beautiful.
There is no greater feeling than to have the opportunity to purposely capture moments like an engaged couple that’s shamelessly in love or a bride and groom who are radiating happiness and joy to everyone around them.
These are the moments worth capturing and hanging onto for a lifetime. These are the moments in which photography comes alive. The photos are no longer contained to a two dimensional print, but they are real. And they are emotional. They are worth more than a thousand words.
My goal as a photographer is to let the photos speak for themselves – for the moment to come alive to any viewer. For a viewer not only see but to also get a sense of energy or feeling of the moment; to hear a laugh or feel the love of the family that is being displayed. One of the ways I do this is by simply living in the moment with whoever I am photographing. I am blessed to call photography “work”.
I have photographed a wide variety of weddings including small (6 people) to large (300+ guests), short (2 hours) to long (10+ hours) and traditional and nontraditional. I would love to hear about the wedding of your dreams and help you preserve those memories for a lifetime. Please use the contact form here to reach out and say hi!
I live in Hudson, WI with my husband Phil. We are a dynamic duo when it comes to photographing weddings together but also enjoy being outside and creating our own adventures. I enjoy kayaking, reading and cooking. I love to laugh and have a good time. The support of my family means the world to me and I believe all my talents and abilities were given to me by an awesome God.

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