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There’s an important reality I get excited about in this profession: we’re creating a story together. You’ve got your stories, and I’ve got mine, and the magic of what happens in photography is when our stories overlap — for one day.

So, here’s my story. I was born in Missoula, Montana, to an Irish woman, with an Italian name, but I’m a Minnesota boy through and through. I sang in a boys’ choir as a kid where I was a first soprano until ninth grade. It was as a young boy that I developed a love for traveling the world. You might also say I like to travel in style — I have a great little scooter named Sir Reginald, and my two best friends and I formed a scooter gang called “Los Tres Banditos.”

I was a music major in college, and part of the blessing of that somewhat expensive education is that now I enjoy music to a greater level than I ever did before … even if I don’t do anything with it “professionally.” I love Debussy and Mahler, but don’t get me wrong; I have more Jay-Z albums than I can apologize for.

My mom let me borrow her film camera when I was three years old, so when it comes to photography, I was already done for. The photographers Annie Leibovitz and Platon inspire me. Their portraiture is very honest, and I am always working to display that kind of raw, beautiful honesty in my own portraits.

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