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Joe Federer (hey, that’s me!) is a wedding photographer based out of Minneapolis / St. Paul Minnesota.  I work for candid ‘photojournalistic’ images and really don’t dig on formal ‘line up shortest to tallest’ stuff. Directed photography is something I’ve come to appreciate and excel in, however, I really like to keep directed time informal and fun — We looking for big, epic shots rather than traditional ‘posed’ photographs. I particularly like reception work – once people ‘let their hair down’ and get comfortable, you really get some great emotions.

I started life as a Information Technology specialist and have been photographing weddings since 2003 when I did my first by happenstance – I was the best man, photographer, and videographer! (no joke) I got really serious about wedding photography in 2007. Colleen and I have been shooting together through it all — you can’t underestimate how valuable a true professional second photographer can be on your wedding day.

In 2010 we were reminded that a few years after people get married, they tend to start having kids, and want photos of said kids. So we started getting lots of contacts from previous clients that wanted our take on newborn photographs. It turns out that Colleen rocks at newborn and maternity photography… so we spawned a side specialty which is becoming an every-increasing part of our business.

If you are an engaged couple and want some amazing imagery of your wedding – Visit our wedding website and contact me… or just forego my site and get in touch with me directly at [email protected]. If you are looking for some maternity, newborn, baby or even kid photographs, head over to our Maternity and Newborn website or email [email protected]. We are both addicted to email, so we should get back to you pretty quickly.

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