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Congratulations! This is an exciting, but nerve-wracking time. You’ve got a budget and you’re sticking to it. You’re a couple who values beautiful photography, but want the digital downloads¬†(as you wait patiently for the shutterfly deals).

If this is you, I would love to grab coffee (or a beer over at Dangerous Man) and talk with you about your wedding.

A little about me –¬†I am a full-time photographer and part-time volleyball coach. I have photographed too many events to keep track of, over 50+ weddings and portraits, so many portraits.

Weddings. Weddings are something extra special. With each new couple I get to work with, I fall in love with my “job” all over again. I see your love for each other, for your families and the journey you’re about to start.

I include a free engagement session prior to your wedding day so we have a chance to get to know each other before the day of your wedding and my couples have said that it made their wedding day flow a little easier. They knew that I would be there capturing images for them and that their images would stand the test of time.



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