05-16-15 N&T wedding at Radisson Blu- MOA


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This was our first wedding photographing at the Radisson Blu at the Mall of America. The entry way and ballroom have a very modern feel with a trendier look and feel than you’ll get at many venues in the Minneapolis metro area. Unfortunately there isn’t a lot of room for photographs in the foyer and it was pretty difficult to get much more than a few photos of the bride and groom there. ┬áThe ballroom has adjustable built in colored LED uplighting. I’m quite certain that they change color, but if you were planning a wedding here you’d want to ask. If you’re thinking about locations to do wedding photos one of the nearest green-spaces is Fort Snelling State Park. All of the photo of the outdoor photos were done there. With the ladies in high heals we didn’t walk much, and all of these pictures were within about 200 yards of the parking lot, yet I was very happy with how the images all turned out. For more adventurous groups you can explore the sandy banks of the Mississippi river, miles of trails and a few nice wooden bridges. The historic fort is also near by and can offer some neat backgrounds for pictures.

There are a number of hotels available for weddings in the Minneapolis Metro, but few are as conveniently located near the airport for out of town guests. For a modern feel and easy access to the Mall of America and the airport The Radisson Blu is definitely a wedding venue to consider.


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