Made By Photographers


As a busy photographer – it is more of a priority to tend to brides than collecting and sharing pictures with vendors. Although having work on numerous sites is a positive thing – it is hard to want to do when oftentimes photos aren’t credited appropriately. That is the need FYID was born out of.

New Ways of Working


FYID is a central portal that creates a common ground for vendors to mutually benefit each other by sharing photos and using those photos properly on their own cites. It means easy exposure for photographers and no hassle for vendors to obtain great pictures.


Advertising Made Easy


By creating one central portal with many functions we are able to allow photographers to easily upload images they have taken of venues, flowers, bands, desserts – every vendor that they encounter. This same system enables then notifies when their work has been tagged and they you can easily access and download the images of the work you created!

Client Focused Website


Not only is FYID a vendor focused site, but also a site committed to getting quality information out to prospective clients. As brides and grooms browse other mainstream wedding websites they are inundated with annoying advertisements instead of quality information. FYID is an easy to navigate photo and information mecca of local vendors.

Meet Karin

Meet Karin

Creator, Seller

Being a full-time photographer and in charge of client relations, advertising and much more for DnK Photography left Karin with not much extra time or energy for connecting with other vendors to distribute images to other vendors. By understanding the benefits of photo distribution and the need for photographers to have easy, hassle-free distribution; FYID was born

Meet Dan

Meet Dan

Director, Business Manager

Working alongside his wife, Karin, for their company – Dan too noted the the difficulty photographers face with photo distribution as well as the ease of information retrieval by brides and grooms. By adding the second element of easy information gathering for brides and grooms, Dan completed the three-fold way in which FYID functions. His specialty of small business dealings and having an MBA make for a great business partner in Dan.

Meet Preston

Meet Preston


Preston’s experience in the wedding industry combine with his business savvy and ability to get excited about almost anything makes him a great asset to anytime. Dan and Karin asked Preston on board with FYID because of his decision making abilities, business knowledge and connections that enable him to get work done effectively – all of which complement Dan and Karin perfectly!

Basic Listing

  • No access to picture downloads
  • Just a listing
  • Name
  • Phone
  • Address
  • Website
  • Short description

Enhanced Listing

  • Everything in previous package plus –
  • Personalized, professional landing page
  • 10 photos of your work/site
  • Searchable by Google
  • Photo access
  • Can download 3 photos per month – websized, logoed pictures

Premiere Listing

  • Everything in previous pacjage plus –
  • You can download 25 photos per month – websized, with or without logo
  • Premium listing placement
  • One professionally photographed event or styled shoot per year
  • 3 featured posts per year on the landing page/Facebook
  • Opportunity to be a featured/expert blogger {if desired}